21 Ways to Use Your Story as A Tool in Your Marketing

Bryn Bonino
2 min readAug 29, 2021

After I went inward for several months to figure out what was the best direction to take my marketing consultancy, I came out of it with a way to combine all of me in my business. I then realized that the process that I took myself through was unique and extremely beneficial, so I designed the Discover Your Unshakable Brand Story course.

The course is how to do what I recommend. But I realized that people would not first want to know how to do something. They would first want to know what something could do for them.

In order to answer the what, I wanted to stand on the shoulders of others who had come before me on the topic of storytelling branding. So, I leveraged a few SEO tools to find all that had been written. I then grouped all the literature into categories of what could be done when using story as a tool in marketing.

I ended up designing this guide and made it a lead magnet on my website. I’ll be honest, I did a ton of testing on my blog. At one point, my 150+ blog posts pointed to 32 lead magnets and they were all strategically grouped into different content funnels. Well, I realized that with this one guide, nothing else was necessary.

People seemed to really like the idea of using their own story in their marketing, so that’s the only note I sang… for a while, at least.