Bryn Bonino

Photo copyright by Sarah Soliz

Welcome to this Medium account where I’ve transferred literally hundreds of blog posts from three different blogs that I kept for 5 years on the topics of education, marketing, and photography.

The reason why I kept three blogs at the same time is a longer story, but basically, I identify as a multipotentialite, which Emilie Wapnick eloquently describes in her popular TED Talk.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with every single blog post and interview that I’ve written. So you can see them all in the following tables of contents:

(1) Education (including the Make A Leap interviews),(2) Photography, and (3) Marketing

Photo copyright by Sarah Soliz

When I think of all the people who I worked with and helped during my time working in marketing, it really makes me feel like it was worth all of the hard work.

Scroll down below to see their smiling faces and what they say about working with me.