Curricular Change for a Successful BYOD Implementation

Bryn Bonino
3 min readJan 8, 2019

I am very happy to have been able to witness several successful rollouts a 1:1 program either where every student has a laptop, or where every student brings their own device (BYOD). When success happens, more are likely to want to follow the lead. However, success does not come overnight.

Yes, I know, these are very famous words. But, in fact, success does not come in a few months. From what I have seen, the most successful fully technology integrated schools take a full year to research and plan before they roll out a plan with the students.

There are several important questions to consider, and Diana Benner, of TCEA, provides an excellent resource bank for consideration when going BYOD. See what Benner designed for a presentation at the 2016 TCEA Annual Conference .

In this post, I will address what I feel that I know the most about: Curriculum. What considerations are related to a successful development and delivery of a curriculum that is adapted for a BYOD school (or really any technology integrated school)?

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