Marketing Table of Contents

Bryn Bonino
6 min readSep 25, 2021


My combination of skills of marketing and education are not common, so in my work in education, I was regularly pulled to work on marketing a program. Over the years, I grew to have my own marketing business that first focused on inbound content marketing. That last year of the business, I focused on helping businesses with brand identity that could be filtered to every part of the business.

Case Studies

I started consulting business owners before I’d blogged much. So I used these case studies to show prospective clients who I generally worked with and what I generally did for them.

Guest Features

I had a feeling that it would take much longer to build my own email list than it would take to get featured in front of someone else’s audience, so I leveraged guest blogging and podcasts interviews so that people would learn that I existed.


After working in general inbound marketing for a few years, I matured to see that brand identity is the most important thing. I feel the strongest pull toward storytelling with copy and images to connect emotionally with an audience.

Content Marketing

I like content marketing the best of all the ways to bring people to your business. I find that if you can get people to organically follow your business, they will be much stronger fans for longer.

Website Creation

Every business needs a website these days, but with my own audience, how to create a website that converts is a challenge. In the below posts, I wrote what I found the most helpful in designing a website that gets people to take action.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you create any digital marketing, it’s worthless unless people can find it. With the below posts I aim to demystify what SEO is to empower you a bit more.

Email Marketing

If you have engaging content on your website, it goes so much further if you can get people to sign up for regular updates of some kind. Here, I aim to make email marketing a bit easier to do.

Social Media

You may not be able to prove direct causation between social media and purchases, but you can often see a correlation. For this reason, social media is an important aspect of romancing your prospective clients.

Microbusiness Advice

Along the way, I’ve learned a few general things about running a microbusiness. Here I wrote a few posts on what I’ve found useful.

Personal Stories

I knew that when working as an independent consultant, people would hire me when they felt comfortable with me as a person. So I wrote a few blog posts that told more about me than the work that I do.

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