Maximizing Training Potential for GAFE

Bryn Bonino
4 min readJan 8, 2019

How does a large urban school district maximize training potential for thousands of educators to use Google Apps for Education (GAFE)? That is a question that I was faced with as I became the newest member of the central staff Educational Technology Department.

With less than a handful of Google Certified Educators and only one Google Certified Trainer in the district, I meditated for a while on how to get the most returns on GAFE Training. What I designed was both in-person and an online options that would meet the needs of the myriad learning styles that existed within the population of educators I worked to support.

Curriculum Design To Maximize Training Potential

The approach taken to maximize training potential for district central staff and teachers on GAFE is differentiated by role. When a central staff office requests training on any technology, the first thing that I request is a description of the objectives that they must meet on a regular basis.

The technology integration that I nearly always design includes GAFE and resources from the Google Apps Learning Center. The technology training is focused on how the technology can augment and improve upon how the office is already meeting their objectives.

The approach taken to train teachers districtwide is to maximize potential by building a program that will allow as many teachers as possible to become Google Certified Educators. Therefore, the curriculum content is the Google for Education Fundamentals Training and Google for Education Advanced Training.

In-Person TrainingTo Maximize Potential

With such a well-written online curriculum, some may question why in-person training options should be made available. Well, learning styles differ.

Many people prefer to have a stronger sense of community when in a learning situation. To create an in-person training out of the Google online training, I have created documents to allow the course participants to collaborate and create using Google Apps. I have also built in an inherent dialogue process, and one that allows the teachers to experience lessons created both in Google Classroom and a Google Site.

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