Photography Table of Contents

Bryn Bonino
3 min readSep 25, 2021

I got my first DSLR when my dog, Leila, was a year old, and I was scheduled to travel to 2 U.S. cities and 2 other countries in a 6-month period. I see the most amazing things in life and I wanted to be able to capture photos as I saw the scenes.

Over the years, I’ve consumed a lot of photography education from online classes, professional organizations, conferences, workshops with big-name photographers, and in-person classes.

Photographer Interviews

I found that I was able to grow the most in photography when I talked to other photographers. I interviewed the below photographers as a way to share the rich conversations that we were having.

Make Better Photos

For a while, I was teaching people how to use their cameras. I wrote the below blog posts to give people background on what to think of ahead of our meetings.

Photo Stories

I got to a point in my photography where I knew how to make the photo that I wanted to make with any given scene. I had a lot of photos that I couldn’t sell as stock, so I started a photo story blog series. I made written stories to go along with some of my favorite photos.

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